Stunning architecture, harmonious interiors and warm hospitality remind you what your purpose is at Arambrook Boutique Hotel. Along the Liesbeek River in Bishops Court, Cape Town, the venue oozes composure. According to Amy Bradfield, CEO of Arambrook, the philosophy of the boutique hotel is ‘simplicity at its finest’.

‘We offer our guests the means to treat this space as their home. Offering all the comforts of a top hotel including the paramount peaceful atmosphere, which the guests can’t help but embrace the moment they enter the property. Our aim is always to ensure that guests feel cared for, not fussed over, and that our team is always a step ahead of their needs and wants,’ says Amy Bradfield.

Designed in the traditional architectural style by Jaclyn Cattel, the hotel accentuates classical details through the inviting spaces that each lead confidently and flow easily from one to the next; key areas are highlighted by lavish accessories and furnishings where varying textures, colours and materials provide depth and layering.



Project Manager Sarah Bind provided living habitat with an insight into the inspiration behind the interior design, look and feel of this hidden gem:

‘The interiors for Arambrook were inspired by bringing the understated, classical elegance and glamour of Europe to South Africa. The furniture was intended to be a slightly quirky combination of contemporary and authentic vintage pieces, using plush colourful velvets and woven wools, against a clean white backdrop of the classical styling of the interior architecture.’



Upon arrival, we’re warmly welcomed by the General Manager, Aubrey Ngcungama, who is also the cellar master of Arambrook. As you enter the hotel, the double-volume welcome lobby leads to an open planned lounge and patio area. An example of space optimisation is noted in the patio, which doubles as an afternoon tea area and an evening candle-lit dinner space.

The garden feels like it spills into the lounge area through the fold-away glass doors. The rest of the ground floor accommodates an open-plan dining and kitchen area on the one wing, while the opposite wing houses a cosy library and a supplementary intimate lounge space.



More than just lush gardens:

The extent of the grounds was carefully designed by Carrie Latimer. The lush exteriors are filled with green lawns, paved pebble paths and the sound of water features in the background, creating a tranquil ambiance. In a secluded area, the swimming pool is wrapped by a pool pavilion, which is often used for intimate gatherings and celebrations. The beauty in these pockets of multiple indoor and outdoor spaces allows guests to relish Arambrook’s sought-after quality of privacy.



The character of the gardens comes from a harmony found in contrast. Bradfield added that ‘they are formal and structured yet soft, romantic and feminine. Parts of the garden are opulent, while others wholesome and organic, designed to delight the senses and feed the soul.’

There are eight luxury suites, including king suites, a family suite and the cherry on top – the luxury presidential suite. Each spacious choice is fitted with modern fittings, superior finishes and amenities that cater to guests’ preferences. The interiors of the rooms are carefully decorated with a simple and clean colour palette of greys, whites, blacks and the slight pop of colour in selected areas.



For guests dining in, you are escorted personally to the intimate restaurant, headed by chef Stacey Lee Chan. The dining experience is carefully curated around your dietary preference as Arambrook aims to provide tailor-made packages and service for its guests. Thus, eliminating the need to page through a conventional menu. Chef Stacey creates dishes which aim to tantalize your taste buds while satisfying your cravings.



Most of the vegetables used for the meals are also sourced from the vegetable gardens located on the premises, bringing organic freshness to every meal.



Arambrook tailored and detailed experience placed it on my relish-relaxing-radar that determined the venue and services as spot on.

Considering the current COVID-19 global pandemic, Arambrook has put the necessary measures in place and prioritised the safety of guests and staff.

‘All our staff wear masks and gloves at all times and adhere to hygiene protocols. Our guests are offered sanitisers and are seated at recommended distances from each other,’ explains Bradfield.

In an attempt to revitalise local tourism, Arambrook is offering a 40% discount for locals to attract guests nationally.



architecture: Jaclyn Cattel
interior design: Sarah Bind
landscape designer: Carrie Latimer
review by Vikash Parbhoo
photography: Vikash Parbhoo