Even Frederich Nietzche admitted that ‘we should consider every day lost on which we haven’t danced at least once’. Does music express that which can’t be put into words and at once can’t remain silent, as Victor Hugo believed? It’s been aptly described as the universal language of the spirit, so whether we dance to it, tap our toes and bob our heads to it, work or cook and clean to it – it’s a gift to give music the respect it deserves with the kind of equipment that reincarnates it to be what it’s meant to be. Beoplay A9 is a one-point system that, solo, fills any space with quality sound. The A9’s 4th Generation serves with powerful functions and obligingly offers the practical and luxurious option to connect more multiroom enabled speakers to experience seamless sound throughout; and this, in a variety of customisable design options.






The collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and Kvadrat has created a series of beautiful wool-blend covers that deliver acoustic transparency and superior aesthetics. The designer of the A9 is Øivind Slaatto who was inspired by the simplicity of the circular shape and its relationship with how sound travels in circles as waves.





The front consists of a perforated polymer shell in the famous Fibonacci pattern which is found extensively in the natural world. The design mimics the growth patterns of living organisms and represents the evolution of life, just like the palpable music experience that this system promises. The pattern also conceals the holes required for acoustic transparency.





With the introduction of the built-in Google Assistant built-in, the latest generation of Beoplay A9 offers even swifter and smoother interaction, allowing users to instantly interact with their speaker and enable commands on a whole new level using voice.

While filling living spaces with rich sound, acoustically, it is capable of fusing ambient listening moments with a well-dispersed, powerful sound experiences. The introduction of active room compensation capabilities optimises sound performance based on the positioning of the speaker.






The performance powers of the A9 reach beyond its acoustic ones in being able to perform its primary function and at the same time either blending in beautifully or standing out convincingly. From another versatility angle, should one be inspired to change the interior’s décor, several individual looks are available with a variety of textile covers and wooden legs. Easy make-over example: change cover designed by the world leading textile company Kvadrat or select different legs from a range of available types and colours of natural wood.

Music volume control is achieved in a smooth interaction by gently sliding your hand across its surface. With a simple tap, you can skip to the next and previous track or play/ pause your music.

Connect the A9 to a favourite music streaming service to get great sound flowing in the home. Distribute music to every room by linking wireless speakers and create a multiroom experience. The A9 supports Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.







To CELEBRATE with Bang & Olufsen in South Africa this Women’s Month: August, buy the contemporary icon Beoplay A9 and receive this FREE Beosound A1 2nd Gen.



Offer valid until 31st Aug 2021. T&Cs apply.


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