Bulgari introduces the new Serpenti jewellery collection, a design that ensnares the bold nature of the snake. Entirely reimagined into striking new shapes, Serpenti focuses on the power of the eyes, shining in expressions of seduction. These precious rings, bracelets, and necklaces glorify the ‘hearts of the head’ in jewelled designs that sparkle with desire. Indeed, the gemstone is uncannily similar to the eye; and every jewel is as individual as every iris. Such inimitability implies a captivating appeal, the temptation alluded to in a gaze.

The new Serpenti collection is innovative, with new designs focusing on the penetrating stare of the snake. At the centrepiece is the precious snakehead, inspired by the ‘60’s / 70’s Bulgari serpents that heralded this hypnotically beautiful element of the reptile. There are different interpretations; whether the head bites its tail as it encircles the finger or wrist, or dangles as a pendant for the first time ever for Serpenti design – the snakeheads may be sharp or round, flat or three-dimensional, minimalist or sparkling with pavé diamond. No head is alike, but all are indicative of the Bulgari distinction.

Further adopted from the 1960s-70s era, when design distinction was king, is Serpenti’s magnificent use of the hexagonal scale pattern, a sort of modernised leitmotif. This idea of modular jewellery was first invented by Bulgari in the 1980s and quickly became a hallmark of the Roman jeweller’s style. Since, modular jewellery has become an accessory staple for the stylish modern woman; this for its versatility, contemporary appeal and bold elegance.

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