blu_line’s sensorline range continues to streamline and to strive for the extraordinary by integrating specialised knowledge and systems into the brand’s design ethos. The focus has its fingers on two central pulses: on the beat of technology; and on the beat of boosting levels of appreciation, creativity and facility when a user engages with the overall kitchen experience to evoke the space’s ideals.



The mission entails blu_line clients living in a dynamic space that intuitively adapts to their imagination, desires and requirements – and to the surrounding environments.

This is seen through the integrated technology able to move solid stone counters.



This adaptive distinction inherent to the brand’s philosophy is its continual pursuit; and it aims for every client’s experience to achieve irresistible levels of it.



The kitchen is an emotional reality beyond a functional space and, in so being, must adapt to our ever-changing demands.

With integrated sensors and engineered structural supports, the effortless motion translates as unhindered finesse with allure.



Interact with this range in Joburg and Cape Town showrooms