Miele’s new Generation 7000 range of dishwashers is set to hit the South African market in October 2020. We speak to Liam Gawne about these amazing new dishwashers and what makes them so special.

Miele promises unparalleled dishwashing freedom – thanks to its soon-to-be-launched Generation 7000 range of dishwashers, that boast AutoDos with an integrated PowerDisk system. Liam Gawne, from Miele South Africa, explains: “This unique system dispenses detergent automatically. Furthermore, the new dishwashers can be controlled by the Miele app and programmed from a mobile device. All that remains for the user to do, is to load and unload the machine, and occasionally replace the PowerDisk – everything else, and I mean everything else, can be left to the machine.”

The PowerDisk system explained 

The PowerDisk is located on the inner face of the dishwasher door, and it dispenses detergent by rotating automatically during the washing programme. It is 4cm thick, with a diameter of 15cm, and it releases a defined quantity of granulated powder into the chamber with each 360° turn.

Liam explains: “The system automatically dispenses the exact amount of detergent required for any specified programme. This is particularly effective with the ‘Automatic’ programme, where dispensing has been geared to be in line with the degree of soiling of the dishes being washed, which is monitored by a sensor. Consequently, more is dispensed to deal with heavy soiling and about a quarter less for light soiling. In the ‘Normal 60°C’ programme, a PowerDisk lasts for an average of 20 cycles, which corresponds to about a month’s requirements based on typical domestic use.”

PowerDisk cleans powerfully and gently

Comparisons, conducted by an independent institute, confirm that the detergent makes a considerable contribution towards excellent dishwashing results, Liam explains: “The formulation used in the PowerDisk was chosen with great care to meet the needs of the G7000 with AutoDos, and it guarantees both powerful and gentle cleaning.

“The fast-dissolving powder granulate contains special enzymes for an effective wash, even at low temperatures. It also contains active oxygen for thorough cleanliness and freshness and protection factors for silver and glassware. Rinse aid and salt are included, as well as an all-in-one cleaning solution. Special protection against moisture and heat guarantees unwaveringly high quality and consistency over the entire use of a PowerDisk,” he explains. Of course, the G7000 also features a conventional two-compartment container in the dishwasher’s door for the use of conventional detergents, such as tablets and powder, if preferred.

Extended app for convenient programming

All Miele’s G7000 dishwasher models with AutoDos can be connected to the Internet via WiFi, and can be controlled via an app from a mobile device or via Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant, Alexa. Says Liam: “This feature allows users to start and stop their G7000 from anywhere, activate programmes and options from their smartphones, check levels (with an automatic reminder), and even order detergent online.”

The new AutoStart function and programming capability promises additional relief during busy days, says Liam: “AutoDos is ready to dispense on-board detergent at any time, and the dishwasher can be programmed to always start at the same time everyday. So, if it is programmed to start at 9am every morning, this will allow you to pack the dishwasher the night before and in the morning before you leave work, and it will switch on automatically when you have already left and the electricity demand is not at its peak. You can also programme different starting times – for example, you can programme it to start at one time on weekdays, and at another time on the weekend. You can also programme which wash cycle you prefer for which time.”

Impressively, the G7000 dishwasher system is intelligent, Liam explains: “If the appliance door has not been opened between cycles, the start is simply cancelled. In addition to this, the user can trigger further cycles from a mobile device or, conversely, cancel or postpone when the programme starts. All programming options are available from the Miele@mobile app.”

Smart operation

When it comes to operating the machine, Miele’s G7000 dishwashers offer another first – the M Touch colour display, which allows you to operate the dishwasher in the same way that you operate your smartphone. This guarantees a brilliant user experience using both symbols and text, via an intuitive interface that involves tapping, dragging and swiping.


Loading convenience

 The already functional loading convenience offered by Miele dishwashers has been further enhanced, says Liam: “The new dishwashers offer improved ruggedness and added loading options. For example, every second spike in the row of spikes located in the upper basket is now hinged, allowing the likes of deep bowls and dishes to be packed upright, ensuring a better run-off for improved cleaning results. These spikes are joined by additional holders and non-slip silicone rests to securely hold delicate cups, glasses and bowls, or light-weight plastic items.”

Liam says that the new 3D MultiFlex cutlery drawer is a particularly useful new feature: “For the first time, the right-hand side section of the new and improved cutlery drawer can be lowered, offering space not only for cutlery, but also small items of crockery, such as espresso cups for example. The central section, fixed in a lowered position, can now hold large pieces of cutlery, such as soup ladles for example. The left-hand section can still slide to one side to allow tall items of stemware to be securely accommodated in the upper basket below.”

Eco-friendly design and functionality 

A completely redesigned water circuit is aimed at preserving natural resources, bringing water consumption down to as little as 6 litres per cycle, and raising energy efficiency to a best-in-market A+++ minus 10% rating. Tried-and-tested Miele features, such as QuickPowerWash (A-rated cleaning performance in only 58 minutes), LED interior lighting (BrilliantLight), or opening the handleless door by knocking on the front (Knock2open) will remain available.

For more information or to shop online, visit www.miele.co.za.

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