Carole and Fabrice Gibert, Archidomo’s founders, have chosen to embrace an exceptional surrounding and sunshine panorama in Haute-Savoie, France. The site overlooks the Talloires Bay and Lake Annecy, which is a perialpine lake and the third largest in the country. Through a set of cascaded volumes on three levels, the villa is anchored in the slope. Its design welcomes us into a dream of discovery through increasingly steep points of view.

Widely glazed to give itself to the landscape, the house affirms the couple’s architectural predilection that embraces natural and fluid navigation between reception rooms and intimate quarters, exterior and interior living spaces and between work and relaxation areas.

The architecture itself is what picks you up and earns the honour of carrying the visitor through seamless living spaces. A 90-degree wall marks the entrance and leads to a fantastic flight of metal and oak aerial stairs, at the top of which the main living room is entered in the full light of a bird’s-eye view.

Then comes a series of reception rooms. A small living area mirrors an outside terrace, protected by one of the top upper level cantilevered blocks. A meeting room invites you to guess the landscape through vertical windows.

As trust is gradually built between resident and structure, more intimate spaces open up. The kitchen features a large oak and inox central island, an ideal space to share a moment over drinks. Nothing is obtrusive – the functional space is uncluttered with high and handleless, black and matt wall cupboards.

In the dining area, a mural sculpture responds to the vibrations of the lake with its warm, brights colours and the interior as a whole mirros the horizons. The living room’s cathedral ceiling opens up all the frames to the landscape. A monolith extends from the fireplace like a marble painting of blue-grey shades, reminiscent of a lake under the rain, and resonates with the overall palette solution of blue and green flora and lake tones from the views to the exterior.

The first overhang in the façade distinguishes Carole and Fabrice Gibert’s work spaces and is reached on the third level from which an even deeper life perspective and environmental show is observed from the inspiring windows.

The second and third overhangs contain the secrets of two intimate suites. Bedroom orientations maintain very private relationships with the lake and mountains and bathrooms enjoy external views with internal discretion thanks to a oak louvres and a sun breaker façade. At the very end of the floor, a last terrace extends from the master suite.

The villa’s décor is simple and noble. Materials such as oak and concrete interact inside and out. Both exterior and interior lighting mark the directional lines of the building, either vertical or horizontal. Here, there’s zero room for excess. The villa’s proportions enthusiastically support the human scale – ostentation is not the norm at Archidomo.

The architects’ culture searches for the distinction that timelessness touches, far away from fashion as a phenomenon. Going back to real life on Earth from this peaceful suspension feels like you’re still being swept by stardust.


architect: Archidomo (Carole & Fabrice Gibert);
photographer: Studio Erick Saillet
furniture supplied by : Kettal – SA Agents: Casarredo