Our homes – their atmospheres, aesthetics and ambiances –  are assuming their rightful place at the centre of the stage like never before. Our personal and family spaces are so important as the need to feel good and refreshed in general is essential.

Plascon has looked at this global imperative to ‘nest’, as well as the need for something to look forward to. This, in combination with the overall generosity of spirit and outpouring of empathy that bubbled up in 2020, is what paved the way for choosing 2021’s Favourite Hue.



​Golden Syrup (Y2-B1-2) is a warm, sunny yellow that encapsulates​ positivity, confidence and joy. The embracing tone ​has ​the power to instantly uplift, nurture and illuminate (both literally and figuratively). Embodying ​optimism, it’s a feel-good hug in a paint tin.

As a rich and neutral yellow, ​it’s easily adaptable to many types of palettes and works beautifully with an unlimited range of design styles; it’s tintable in all of Plascon’s premium products.



Plascon Velvaglo is wise for use in a kitchen or bathroom, where the satin sheen finish of this premium enamel gives walls a rich lustre. It’s formulated for use on both interior and exterior surfaces, high-traffic zones, friendly entrance halls and quiet, cozy corners.​



Double Velvet Pure has new formaldehyde abatement technology. Plascon’s new formula means that the product not only lifts your spirits, but also ​improves the quality of the air you breathe. Pair Golden Syrup with Urban Rock (B4-E1-2) on interior walls for a glamorous modern feel. Or simply keep it classic and understated with a neutral like ​Plascon ​Chaps (28) for a warm and timeless room.

Plascon Micatex with Polycell has crack-filling power that gives you double-duty benefits. ​Use Plascon ​Golden Syrup outside as a welcoming exterior statement, accented with Plascon Micatex Dolphin Coast (BBO 616).



For free advice on how to use Favourite Hue 2021, or any other Plascon colours, contact the Plascon colour advice team via this email

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