The 2019 Eco-Logic Awards took place on World Environment Day (05 June) at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. Opening the awards with the Keynote address, newly appointed Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Barbara Creecy, emphasised the need for sustainable practice.

cover image: Paula DuBois – Help Forest – Diptych

Hosted by The Enviropaedia, the Eco-Logic awards recognise those individuals, organisations, products and services that are making a difference and actively contributing to the conservation of the planet. With 44 finalists across 12 categories, this year’s entries set the benchmark for eco-logical thinking, with innovative water saving solutions, fossil fuel initiatives, eco-friendly schools, conservation training, recycling and waste management, passionate youth programmes and more.

Based on a radically new approach to addressing today’s environmental issues, the Eco-Logic Value system identifies the destructive thinking patterns and values that have led to today’s environmental critical conditions and promotes an alternative set of constructive values and thinking patterns (The seven virtues of Eco-Logic). This way of thinking is more solutions-driven and conjures up the spirit of ubuntu and our emotional connection to our environment.

“These awards aim to put the spotlight on our eco-champions, so that they can get the recognition they deserve. Our wish for all the participants, is for them to secure the ongoing support they need to continue their good work,” says David Parry-Davies, publisher of Enviropaedia and founder of the awards.

Given recent reports to include the UN citing that 1 million species are nearing extinction due to climate change, and National Geographic predicting that 2019 will be the hottest year ever, the fight for a more sustainable planet is on the rise. Minister, Barbara Creecy emphasised in her speech the importance of environmental literacy in aiding long-term sustainable thinking, and spoke of the departments intention to further develop their public environmental awareness programme. “Sustainable development is only possible if it is underpinned and informed by an environmentally literate society, one where everybody has an understanding and the skills and motivation to take responsible decisions that consider his or her relationship to natural systems, communities and future generations.”

Since launching in 2011, the Eco-Logic awards has grown to become a prestigious occasion on the green calendar, known not only for highlighting serious environmental issues but also for its light-hearted and celebratory approach to tackling these issues. “We always aim to cut through the negative and showcase the positive, because when you see the magnificent efforts by our communities, businesses, government departments and individuals, there is so much to celebrate,” says Parry-Davies.

An important pillar of Eco-logical thinking is re-connecting with nature, and the new arts edition to the awards this year, aimed to ignite this connection. The ‘Artists for Nature’ exhibition, invited 15 local artists to create new artworks that reflected their individual passions for nature and the 7 Virtues of ‘Eco-Logical Thinking.’  Curated by Marc Alexander, director of The Studio Art Gallery, the artworks were on display at the ceremony and will continue to exhibit at The Studio Art Gallery from 06 June until 16 July, with 30% of all proceeds going to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. “Art has always been a great way to evoke thought in people, so we were delighted to partner with the Eco-Logic Awards this year. Our artists were given a platform to produce specialised work that speaks to a variety of environmental concerns,” says Marc Alexander, Director of The Studio Art Gallery.

The spirit of creativity, fun and celebration was also reflected in the ‘glamourousy green’ dress code that guests were encouraged to follow. Attendees donned a colourful array of recycled, upcycled and eco-friendly outfits.

2019 Eco-Logic Awards winners:

Climate change:

  • Gold: Department of Agriculture: SmartAgri plan
  • Silver: TOMA-Now: What to do with aliens?
  • Bronze: Global Wheeling


  • Gold: Dekro Paints: AMORIGUARD A-GAIN
  • Silver: UCT Bio-Brick: Growing bio bricks from human urine
  • Bronze: Interwaste: Waste Derived Fuel Services

Recycling and Waste Management:

  • Gold: Green Cape: The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP)
  • Silver: Reclite: Recycling of problematic waste glass previously categorised as ‘non-recyclable’
  • Bronze: Baoberry: i-ZEWATA


  • Gold: Streetlight Schools
  • Silver: Hotel Verde
  • Bronze: Dekro Paints: AMORIGUARD A-GAIN


  • Gold: Enviro Options (Pty) Ltd
  • Silver: Virgin Active South Africa: Journey to Net Zero Waste Water
  • Bronze: The GreenCape Sector Development Agency: Water Resilience Initiative

Green Economy:

  • Gold: GreenCape Sector Development Agency
  • Silver: Cape Town Environmental Education Trust: CTEET Training and Development Programme
  • Bronze: WESSA: Tourism Blue Flag project


  • Gold: City of Cape Town: Biodiversity Management in the City of Cape Town
  • Silver: Kloof Conservancy: The Aller River Pilot Project (ARPP)
  • Bronze: Landmark Foundation: Shepherding back biodiversity


  • Gold: eThekwini Municipality: The Aller River Pilot Project (ARPP)
  • Silver: Knysna Municipality: Disaster Management
  • Bronze: Knysna Municipality: Invasive Plant Management Skills Development Programme


  • Gold: Sustaining the Wild Coast: Xolobeni Community
  • Silver: Korsman Conservancy
  • Bronze: WESSA: Young Reporters for the Environment Programme


  • Gold: Joshua Potgieter and Imraan Samuels: Guerilla House
  • Silver: Jade Bothma: Oceano Reddentes NPC
  • Bronze: Rocco Antonia Da Silva: The future kids


  • Gold: Rhian Berning: Eco Atlas
  • Silver: Craig Foster: Sea Change Project
  • Bronze: Mashudu Makhokha: Lapalala Wilderness School 


  • Gold: Sinegugu Zukulu
  • Silver: Margo Tamzone Adonis
  • Bronze: Daniel Nyarenda

Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Pat Featherstone

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