Kim Williams is a local South African entrepreneur, behaviour specialist and interior creative, who
celebrates the use of vivid colours as a way to create a unique identity for interior spaces.
Ms Williams is well known for her ability to include sentimental pieces, and repurposed vintage
treasures in her schemes.

Being in one space for an extended period, such as lockdown, puts a spotlight on the surroundings
and often stimulates new insights for creativity and the use of colour. Colour is an essential
creative tool – and there is no bigger colour event than The Pantone Color Institute’s
announcement of the colour of the year. The anticipation and excitement in the creative world
before the release of the colour of the year bonds a variety of creatives such as designers,
architects and marketers; serving to keep the industry alert, connected and inspired.
The colour of the year was born from Pantone's colour classification system and these days colour
companies play a pivotal role in how we experience colour. As the world of branding evolved, the
importance of how we use and live with colour began to affect the way we dress, our interior
schemes and a recognition of the impact that colour has on our moods.
The colour of the year inspires designers, captures the industry’s attention and shines a spotlight
on shades both new and old. In 2018, Ultraviolet purple was completely new and unprecedented
while in 2020 the use of Classic Blue was an already emerging trend.

Colour can motivate the items and elements used in a space. As a professional creative, Kim
Williams is constantly seeking inspiration to feed her creativity, sparking new ideas and direction.
She was particularly inspired by Classic Blue – as it synched with her liking for bringing classical
elements, such as repurposed vintage items into her schemes. A key aspect of her style is mixing
such vintage elements with more contemporary examples to create intimate and meaningful
When Classic Blue was announced as the colour of the year she was in the process of moving her
home office, which meant that she had a new space of her own to experiment with.
Serendipitously, she had also just been given a painting by a client that had a pop of Classic Blue
in it. Inspired by the colour, the blank canvas of her new office and the arresting painting, a new
workspace was born.

The wall behind her desk is an elegant Classic Blue and features this notable piece of art. A
traditional black light fitting over the desk allows for a bright space that will not cast a shadow on
the computer screen and showcases practicality as it frees up space on the desk; a sleek modern

Vintage black and white photographs salvaged from an old guest house play off the black accents
in the painting, and soft sophisticated velvet chairs are arranged around a glass meeting table in
front of a dramatic white, blue, black and grey mural from U & G fabrics.
Marrying the classic and the contemporary can be challenging to achieve. The bones of an interior
are always fundamental so investing wisely on structural renovations is always paramount in
influencing the return on investment of the property. The structure and pieces available, the
budget and the mood required are all crucial considerations when refreshing any space.
Colour is an incredible asset and can change moods about almost anything instantly. The colour
selections made in any home should always add impact to the rest of the space and work
cohesively to connect or highlight the different interiors.
So use the Pantone colour of the year as inspiration.

visit: Follow Kim on Facebook and Instagram @kim_williams_design .


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