Global leader of premium quality paint, Dulux, has curated an earthy, rich palette of stimulating tones called LOVE in its trend forecast for 2019. Every year, the colour specialists at the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Centre in the Netherlands create a series of diverse palettes around one central Colour of the Year. The Colour of the Year 2019 is Crème Brulee and the LOVE palette is officially released today. The other three colour palettes chosen as part of Colour Futures for 2019 are called Think, Dream and Act.

Best suited to urban spaces built for sharing – like hotels, residential homes, and leisure spaces – the LOVE palette consists of nine complimentary shades that emphasise the energy and warmth of the hero honey amber shade of Crème Brulee, that perfectly encapsulates and expresses our collective global living spaces today.

“No colour lives in isolation, and neither do we,” says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux Colour Consultant. “The Dulux LOVE palette is about bringing people together in communal spaces where we work, live and play, and capturing that energy and vibe with the right colour combinations,” says Palesa.

The LOVE tones for homes are full, rich, deep shades that suggest permanence and solidarity, taking their inspiration from nature and earthenware, but also with the playfulness of juicy dark-fruit shades. “The result is a sense of belonging – colours that bring people in, whether in their homes or communal areas – creating a feeling of hygge* and togetherness,” says Ramaisa.

Similarly, Ramaisa believes that when the LOVE palette is applied to sharing commercial spaces like hotels and leisure areas, it subliminally brings people closer and encourages conviviality. “The earthy reds are stimulating and lively, and overall the rich hues imbue a sense of community being without overbearing. The outcome is a feeling of warm welcome and gentle hospitality.”

Dulux and their global team of cutting-edge trend spotters have done extensive research into societal, cultural, design and lifestyle trends from a broad range of lifestyles and disciplines, and their insights confidently predict what is going to be important to consumers in the coming year. The 2019 edition of ColourFutures tells the story of how global trends are transformed into inspiring paint colour palettes for the home, from room to room. The easy-to-use palettes promise to bring a fresh energy to the world’s walls, and with the versatile Colour of the Year 2019, Crème Brulee, at the heart of each colour collection.

Dulux and AkzoNobel have been forecasting annual colour palettes since 2003. Find out more about the Colour Futures project on the Dulux social pages Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or Instagram.

*Hygge: A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).


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