FAINA DESIGN is based in Ukraine and their collection of furniture, lighting and accessories fascinates fans of minimalism and admirers of modern interiors – ethnicity and timeless design.

Each material selected radiates ancient energy: clay, willow, linen, felt, wool, solid wood. These are the natural elements of the FAINA furniture and interior accessories collection, which embody the concept of ‘live design’ allowing the appraiser to feel the soul of every object.

The modern function and the laconic appearance, the idea that feeds on the voices of the ancestors, the traditional natural materials and the use of handcrafting are characteristics of the FAINA concept.

Says designer Viktoria Yakusha: ‘We listened to eternity and the voices of the earth, we choose materials, we do not look for forms, we rather remember them. Because they are intuitively familiar to everyone.’

Minimalism penetrates deeper into our everyday life, setting the tone and style of the environment, and most importantly the mindset of society. Novels’ volumes are getting thinner, Facebook posts are shorter, and the variegated and multifaceted colour range of interiors with an abundance of furniture and decor items are replaced by simple colour solutions and literary lack of furniture.

However, what is meant to simplify makes the interior interesting and unique. Thus, not details come out in the foreground, but the overall interior vibe, its atmosphere. This approach is actively used by designers from around the world, promoting simplicity and laconism as a lifestyle. Following its own feelings and taste, brand FAINA offers its vision of a minimalist bedroom.

The Cave Bedroom

“The cave bedroom” with Faktura bed (materials: felted wool) by FAINA for those who appreciate their home and cosiness in it. The inhabitants of this room feel at home, save – as in their own, domesticated cave. “Caveness” to the bedroom adds a simple pattern of the headboard, clear stitches, and shape of the bed, which symbolizes its monolithic, unshakable character – it is a rock on the plateau of which you’ll lie down and fall asleep.

Creative travellers

This bedroom is designed for creative personalities – they travel a lot and rarely come home. In those days, when their most distant destination is a table with a cup of tea in the corner of the room, a general mood of the place they live in is important, because it will certainly be passed on to its inhabitants. The mood of this room is set by a simple shape terracotta Toptun bed (materials: felted wool), the colour of which won’t let the “interior” fall asleep.

Pragmatism and Perfection

The mood of this interior is overseas strictness. This bedroom will suit a young family of pragmatists, who love order and perfection in everything, as on the pattern of English wallpaper on the room’s wall. Toptun bed (materials: felted wool) with its angular outlines and soft stuffing is a creamy island of tranquillity and abstractness from the ubiquitous control. It will suit every interior because the colour range of FAINA collection is unlimited.


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