Heino Schmitt has become renowned in the world of bespoke furniture design and manufacturing. His brand includes a celebration of collectible furniture and lighting pieces –  all unique, handcrafted, functional and aesthetically profound. Habitat was invited to view his latest piece, The (he)X Table.

The piece derives its name from the French pronunciation of hex , he explained. This one-of-a-kind table is meant to explore the possibilities of design and visually interprets Schmitt’s love of architecture and nature. It’s a sleek contemporary piece, inspired by mid-century modern lines. Leadwood is combined with solid brass, steel and smoked glass in a way that renders its appreciators inspired,’ he continues. He spends much time in perfecting each piece, so that all materials and design, even his steel skeletons, blend seamlessly to create pure, clean lines.

Heino Schmitt has been designing and manufacturing professionally for only two years but showed interest in creating from a very young age; he invented a sanding mechanism for his father at the age of eight. This subsequently sparked the notion that all design must be functional, as with The (he)X Table. He commonly uses combinations of wood, steel, driftwood, copper, brass and leather, but never overuses materials in any of his designs. Schmitt is committed to selecting only the best quality locally sourced materials and strives to create European quality furniture.

The (he)X Table is currently on exhibition with Southern Guild at their Guild gallery in the trendy Silo District. The exhibition titled Extra Ordinary, hosts a collection of commissioned pieces by multidisciplinary artists. Each contributor was urged to produce exploratory new work that crosses over into other disciplines, materials or technologies.

visit: heinoschmittdesign.com


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