Hansgrohe has a very specific, and well-documented, attitude to the bathroom. The German giants firmly believe that the bathroom is your private space. Your place of zen. Your very own safe haven.

The bathroom is the one room where you can explore limitless relaxation.

Explore in Style

As such, Hansgrohe is ecstatic to launch the brand-new Rainfinity; a shower that redefines the entire genre! The Rainfinity’s specially tailored, innovative spray surface curves inwards slightly, preventing the water jet from crashing into the head and shoulders.

Instead, Rainfinity gently envelops your body. Like a coat of a thousand droplets.

Adjustability like Never Before

The Rainfinity main shower head can be set at any angle between 10° and 30° with the adjustable, and ingenious, wall mounting. As such, no matter your height or mood, you can find that perfect spot for the perfect shower.

There are four unique spray types that you can choose from, further tailoring your shower to your specific needs. PowderRain is the soft caressing spray type which is so popular with Hansgrohe users. Intense PowderRain is a sensational spray that adds more pressure and Rainstream features a generous flow of soft sprays. Finally, the Monorain is a focussed jet that supports a soothing, feel-good shower.


One of the most incredible new innovations is the shoulder shower, which comes integrated into a shelf that you can set on your wall. On top of this, you will have the option to pick of two different hand showers so that you can style your bathroom to perfection.

The Rainfinity is your gateway to complete relaxation; the shower head that sets a new standard in modern bathroom functionality.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

visit: www.hansgrohe.co.za


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