We all know the panic that sets in when we think of guests coming to stay this festive season, but leading homeware retailer, @home, is making it easier than ever to be the perfect host this holiday. With the launch of the Plantes & Parfums range available in @home stores and online, it has never been easier to get your guest bedroom and bathroom spruced up for overnight guests.

All of the Plantes & Parfums products are handmade in the beautiful region of Provence in France. Their French fragrances, soaps and home care are completely natural and eco-friendly. These gentle and non-aggressive products will ensure that your guests feel welcomed by a soft and freshly fragranced room, allowing them to relax and enjoy the luxury effortlessly.


Five Top tips on how to prepare your guest room, with the Plantes & Perfume range:


1. Choose the right linen for your guest room

Many hosts forget to change their linen with the seasons. Choosing the correct linen, especially in our warm, South African holiday season, is an essential aspect in making your guests feel comfortable while in bed. You can find tips on choosing your linen here. A clean, freshly made bed is the epitome of relaxation, so take it to the next level for your guests’ stay by adding some Plantes & Parfums linen water to your next linen wash. The gently fragranced scent will leave your guest bedroom looking and smelling like a luxury hotel.


2. Keep some extra toiletries in your guest bathroom

We all know the frustration of arriving at your holiday destination, only to realise that you forgot to pack the soap or your facecloth. Help your guests out by stocking up on some extra towels & toiletries in the guest bathroom. Plantes & Parfum has a range of handmade soaps that are perfect for any guest bathroom. The pure vegetable soaps, made the authentic Marseille way, are perfect for any skin type with natural oils that soothe the skin after travelling.


3. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Travelling long distance during the holiday season can be tiring and stressful, so do your guests a favour by making their guest room as relaxing as possible. Ambient lighting and scents such as lavender are proven to relax the senses. Create a feeling of calm by placing candles and a diffuser in the room. Plantes & Parfums create natural soy candles that burn up to 40 hours in an array of calming, fragrant scents. Alternatively, opt for one of their diffusers that will transport you to the lavender fields of Provence. Not only do they smell amazing, but the natural wicker and elegant design will add a decorative element to the room. Find out which scents are best for relaxation here.

4. Empty a cupboard or drawer 

Many people use the cupboards in the guest bedroom as extra storage space. Before guests arrive, remember to clear out space for your guests to pack their clothing. Some extra hangers and an empty drawer will make guests feel at home.

Help guests get rid of that stuffy smell in their suitcases and clothes by leaving a Plantes & Parfums wardrobe spray close by. This nifty little spray can be used in the wardrobe and on clothes to keep everything smelling clean and refreshed.


5. Add a little something extra

What separates a good host from a great one,  is all in the detail. To really have guests raving, add a little something extra to your guest room. Something as simple as a few magazines, a jug of cold water and a pillow spray can elevate your guests’ experience tremendously. Try Plantes & Parfums pillow spray for that perfect extra touch to your guest room. This little luxury will really leave guests with the impression that you value their comfort and relaxation.


We hope our top tips have your guests feeling relaxed and wanting to return soon.

For even more tips on preparing your guest room, visit the @home Imagine More blog. Start with this one: Preparing for your guests’ checklist