location: Zimbali, KZN | architects – Metropole Architects; Design Architect Nigel Tarboton; Project Architect David Louis | interior design – Olàlà Interiors | photographer – Grant Pitcher

Located on the east coast of South Africa, this three-level structure is situated in the prestigious Zimbali Coastal Forest resort 45 minutes north of Durban, and is home to a young family of four. Construction commenced in January 2018 and was completed in July 2019.

With the architecture being subject to stringent estate design guidelines, which dictate traditional roof forms, the design sought to create a vision that remained in harmony with the neighbouring properties. Yet a second prerequisite was that it would represent the individual taste and aspirations of the new homeowners, illustrating their desire for a progressive and dynamic architectural aesthetic.

Further considerations such as views, orientation, privacy and the prevailing sub-tropical climate contributed to the detailing and overall signature of the finished product.

On approaching the home up the slightly inclined site, the structure looms large overhead as a series of daring cantilevers and flying beams on three levels. This commands attention.

On closer inspection, an exoskeleton comprising aluminium screens and concrete elements is set proud of the building and veils the large glass façades. This transparent outer skin layers the visual transition experience between inside and out; it’s found on the frontal and two side elevations.


For the full article see Habitat #276 March / April 2020 | Habitat Online #7 April / May 2020


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